We assist companies worldwide as they enter or expand into markets throughout North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our Approach

Mission and Values

Leverage 7’s  mission is to help entrepreneurs and executives develop and execute their professional and organizational goals more efficiently and effectively by leveraging the experience, knowledge and expertise of 7 diverse, global business leaders, worldwide.

Our core values guide us when deciding which projects to accept and how we execute each project.

  1. IMPACT - We take on projects that positively impact on others.
  2. IMPROVEMENT - We embrace change and keep ourselves and our clients on the forefront
  3. INSPIRATION - We inspire each other and we thrive on working on projects that are an inspiration to others.
  4. INTEGRITY - We execute each project at a high level of ethical conduct and transparency.
  5. INCLUSIVENESS - We pride ourselves on being on an open and inclusive organization. We respect diversity of all kinds.
  6. INVESTMENT- As global citizens, we focus on investing in the communities we serve through various ways.
  7. INTEGRATED -  We consider our clients part of our team. Your success is our success!

Meet the Team

Leverage 7, combines the talents, expertise and leadership of CEOs and Executives worldwide to deliver results for our clients. Leverage 7's leadership team currently consists of:

Ms. Korina Smith

Senior Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Jeffrey Campos

Senior Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Korina Smith, Senior Partner & Chief Operations Officer

Korina is a dedicated, mission-driven leader who thrives leading and developing teams. As the Chief Operations Officer for Leverage 7, Korina Smith is responsible for the daily operations of the company, working closely with the senior partners and project teams. Korina has been a professional public speaker for over a decade and consistently exceeds sales standards. She loves mentoring and coaching others one-on-one to maximize performance.

Korina’s business specialties include: business development, business matchmaking, and helping businesses with their global expansion. Korina has a huge heart for others while being a strong leader. She has over 18 years of experience leading teams on humanitarian missions to deliver humanitarian aid and facilitate sustainable projects in villages, relief camps and orphanages around the world.  She also dedicated 8 years of her career as an advocate for education and a public speaker for high school students to live purpose driven lives and getting the smartest education to do so.

Korina also serves as the Executive Director of Global Chamber Dallas.

Korina holds a BA in Political Science: Global Politics from California State University Los Angeles. She also studied at the Institut d'Études Politiques d'Aix-en-Provence and the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. Korina loves to travel internationally and Korina speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Korina is inspired by those who come up with creative solutions to tackle some of humanity’s most difficult challenges, like poverty, disease and climate change.

Mr. Jeffrey Campos, Senior Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer for Leverage 7, Jeff Campos oversees the planning, development, and of the company’s marketing initiatives, as well as serving as the key advisor on client-based marketing projects.

Jeff comes to Leverage 7 with more than 20 plus years’ of senior leadership experience at marketing and public relations firms, Chambers of Commerce, and Fortune 500 companies. Jeff has broad-based strategic planning acumen and a rich history facilitating cross-cultural marketing planning, media & public relations campaigns and communications programs.

Jeff’s areas of expertise include: forward-thinking marketing, public relations, and developing partnerships with industry, community, and government leaders that drive revenue gains under strict market and budgetary constraints.

Originally from Chicago, attended Loyola University and moved to Denver for a new career opportunity. Jeff is an outdoor enthusiast, foodie and enjoys sports. He has  been active and played sports his whole life, so living a heart healthy lifestyle has always been important to him and his family. 

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